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Oceanic PDC Transmitter

Wireless Air Integration. The Oceanic Wireless Transmitter is threaded into the first stage regulators high pressure port and allows the Transmitter to continuously send tank Air pressure data to your compatible Air Integrated dive computer. Each Transmitter uses a unique frequency which is individually coded at the factory to allow for multiple divers to swim side by side without any interference. This great feature also means that an individual diver can use multiple independent gas supplies without any interference.

Designed for total reliability, the Oceanic Wireless Transmitter and Receiver units are independent and separately powered units. The Wireless Transmitter is a fantastic option for divers who've had enough of annoying hoses as the use of the Transmitter means no more HP gauge hose which can be a great reduction in luggage weight for divers who like to travel overseas.

For maximum convenience the Oceanic Transmitter is powered via a diver replaceable 3.6 Volt CR-2 Lithium Battery which can be easily accessed on the unit. To replace a battery divers can simply use a coin to unscrew the Transmitter end cap. The durable and rugged Oceanic Transmitter is also compatible with many other brands including Oceanic, Aeris, Aqua Lung, Tusa and Shearwater dive computers that feature Wireless Air Integration.

Using a Wireless Transmitter allows divers to have access to important features like Air Time Remaining. The ATR feature calculates current depth, tank pressure, your breathing rate, ascent time, and decompression status to tell you exactly how much time you can remain underwater. The Oceanic dive computers will continually display air time remaining via a numerical bar graph in addition to cylinder pressure.

Another great advantage of using a Wireless Transmitter is the ability to use the Dive Time Remaining feature. DTR, like Air Time Remaining provides a "real" number in minutes. This calculation combines Nitrogen and Oxygen absorption, displaying whichever allows less time. The Oceanic Wireless Transmitter will display gas pressures from: 0 - 350 BAR / 0 to 5000 PSI.