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Free Nitrox

Usually a certification is required to use Nitrox as your maximum operating depth depends on the percentage of Nitrox you are using. The reason we can offer Nitrox to all divers is because we have a known maximum depth at our sites and divers are unable to go beyond the safe dive parameters for the Nitrox they are breathing. We also have Nitrox instructors on all dive boats each day to supervise, answer questions and advise the safest dive procedures for each dive.

The main benefit to diving with Nitrox is the reduced amount of nitrogen in your breathing gas. Less nitrogen means less risk of getting decompression sickness (DCS), or “the bends”. Using Nitrox can also extend your bottom time. Because no-decompression limits are based on nitrogen absorption, less nitrogen means more bottom time. Many divers also claim that they feel less fatigued after diving with Nitrox (as compared to diving with air).

If you do not yet hold a Nitrox certification then you will just dive to the normal limits set by your dive computer on the air setting, making each dive safer. If you are a certified nitrox diver then you are more then welcome to adjust your computers to maximise your bottom time.

Other dive shops usually charge up-to $25 extra per dive when using Nitrox, however we believe that all divers should be using Nitrox for the added safety benefits, and in the near future its likely that certification agencies will encourage its use for all dives. Some training agencies now include the Nitrox certification as part of their open water training certification.

We have completed a major upgrade to our Nitrox fill station with the installation of our new high capacity Nitrox generator which provides precise Nitrox blends from 32 – 40%. Gas quality is important to all divers and we make it a major focus for our facility.

All our Instructors are qualified to teach the correct use of Nitrox and can certify you as a Nitrox diver (for an additional fee) as part of your dive adventure at South West Rocks. Be sure to let our dive staff know if you would like to complete a Nitrox certification while you are diving with us or if you have any questions about Nitrox use in general.