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We run morning double dives to Fish Rock everyday.

We normally meet at the dive shop at 7.45 am and are back to the shop between 1.30 - 2 pm after the double dive. (Please confirm the meeting time 2 days prior)

We only require an Open Water certification to do our dives. Although we do recommend that divers have done some recent diving and are confident divers to get the most out of their experience here. If you're unsure please contact the dive shop to discuss your experience level.

To dive Fish Rock Cave we require at least an Open Water Certification. All our dives are led by Expert guides. We conduct the first dive outside of the cave so divers can orientate themselves with the equipment and so the dive Guides can assess each divers abilities. During the surface interval dive groups are selected depending on the ocean conditions, diver’s confidence and ability. Depending on the assessment, groups may enter through the deep side and exit the shallow side of the cave or Enter the shallow side of the cave and go in as far as comfortable then turn around and exit the same way. If the conditions aren’t suitable or divers choose not to dive the cave we have the option to do the second dive outside the cave also.

The diving is great here all year. We don’t have a set season for good or bad weather or visibility.

Grey Nurse Sharks are found at Fish Rock in good numbers all year as well as Turtles, Rays, Wobbegong sharks and a massive variety of resident marine life. If you're in luck during the months of October – January you may see schooling Hammerhead sharks and May – November we see Humpback whales on a daily basis. Our warmest water temperatures are from January – May which brings some more tropical species of fish and the occasional Manta Ray or Whale Shark!

You can expect to see a plethora of marine life. Fish Rock is in the path of the EAC  (East Australian Current) which usually floods the site with warm clear water bringing a huge variety of Temperate and Tropical marine species. Most days you will see 20-30 Grey Nurse Sharks and more Wobbegong sharks than you can count. Multiple species of Turtles, Rays, Crayfish, Moray Eels. We also regularly find Cuttlefish, Octopus, Black Cod, Queensland and Blue Grouper and an abundant variety of Fish Species including large pelagic such as King Fish and Mackerel. For the Macro enthusiast we can find a huge variety of Nudibranchs, Sea Spiders, Cowrie shells, decorator crabs and loads more.  The Magic thing about Fish Rock is that you can find new critters, big and small on every dive!

We don’t require a Nitrox certification to dive with us. We primarily use Nitrox to make our dives even safer (reducing the risk of decompression illness). All of our dives are supervised and the sites that we dive have a maximum depth of 30m which is within the maximum operating depth of the 32% Nitrox. Divers that aren’t Nitrox certified must leave their computers set to AIR (21%) and dive accordingly this adds a massive safety buffer for their dive. Nitrox certified divers are welcome to set their computers to the analysed Nitrox percentage and enjoy the increased bottom time it provides.

Please let us know if you would like to complete your Nitrox certification with us or if you have any questions about the use of Nitrox.