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Divesoft Freedom - Advanced Nitrox Computer

Decompression Freedom computer for advanced divers who use the principles of an accelerated decompression. The computers allows for the use of up to three mixtures, ranging from air to pure oxygen.

  • up to 3 mixtures with any fraction of Oxygen
  • Bühlmann’s ZHL decompression algorithm
  • fully adjustable gradient factors
  • deco stops or deco ceiling for continual decompression
  • full color TFT display
  • four screens during the dive including the graphical dive profile
  • reversible display for left/right hand
  • brightness adjustment
  • durable aluminum body
  • 300 m (1 000 ft) operational depth
  • metric/imperial units
  • depth average with the possibility to restart
  • easy-to-use two button control
  • rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • high-precision depth sensor
  • vibrating alarms strong enough for a drysuit
  • decompression games
  • textile strap or bungee wrist mount
  • log processing in the cloud or offline
  • software version upgradeable
  • free firmware updates
  • USB connection and charging
  • Freedom displays are protected by protector display overlay.
  • You can choose from two variants of the fastening strap (35,5 cm or 42,5 cm).
Freedom Advanced Nitrox contents:
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  • #8075 USB charger
  • #1481 bungee gum
  • #1482 fastening strap or #1483 fastening strap for dry suit
  • #3151 silicon protective sleeve