Dive Courses

Specialty courses

Specialty courses allow Instructors to share there knowledge from many years of diving experience and make learning new skills fun and exciting!
Some of the specialty courses we offer include Nitrox, Deep Diving and Solo Diver.

  • Nitrox courses can be combined with any package to get the best value from your holiday.
  • You can complete your entire course on-line before you arrive, then dive with nitrox whilst at South West Rocks.
  • Nitrox is a great way to enhance dive safety and extend your bottom time.
  • Diving with nitrox does not make you as tired in the afternoon allowing you to get the most from your day and makes you drive home much safer.
  • We use a Nuvair nitrox membrane system, this allows us to fill any tank with nitrox with no need for oxygen cleaning.

    • Effective deep diving plans
    • Proper surface supports
    • Using backup equipment
    • Enhancing your scuba skills for deep diving
    • Recognising and handling diving hazards
    • Using all necessary specialty diving equipment

      Solo diver courses are great to make you a self sufficient diver. Completing this program will allow you a lot more leniency on charter dives and a lot more confidence by dive operators in your personal skill level.

      What we provide

      • Professional tuition from experienced Instructors
      • Internationally recognised Specialty Certification
      • All course and training materials
      • Flexible schedule to meet your needs

      What you need to provide

      • A medical declaration in store
      • Swimmers and a towel