Our Rental Equipment offered to customers is of the highest standard

Rental equipment

We believe that using well maintained and up to date equipment allows for the best possible underwater experience.

We are proud to supply 95cf (11.5 litre) Aluminium, and 100cf (12.2 litre) Steel cylinders with the choice of both DIN and K valves complimentary, all filled with Nitrox. As we own the largest cylinders on the coast you are assured to get longer dives here than anywhere else.

Our large range of Oceanic hire regulators consist of FDX 10 and SP5 first stages and EOS fully adjustable and Alpha seconds. All Regulators have Nitrox capable computers in the console to ensure the safest experience possible.

We use Oceanic OceanPro BCD’s which are all equipped with their own safety signalling tube and whistle and a choice of a weight belt or integrated weight pockets.

We use Oceanic Rebel 5mm and 7mm wetsuits and have a large range of over and undersuits, hoods and gloves if divers are prone to being cold.

Torches are needed to dive the cave, each of our boats are equipped with super bright Torrent LED lights for each diver.

We also have a range of masks, fins, boots, hoods and gloves to choose from. Digital cameras and GoPro’s available for hire upon request.

Rental equipment

Rental prices

Regulator $15 – per day
BCD $15 – per day
Wetsuit $15 – per day
Mask/Snorkel/Fins/Boots $15 – per day
Full equipment hire $50 – per day