Enth Degree Kenetic Steamer 4/3 Navy

The second instalment of the Kenetic Zipperless suits now featured in a 4/3 Steamer. The Kenetic is the ultimate combination of form, fit, flexibility and function. The Zipperless design provides the ultimate freedom of movement during high intensity activity. Custom printed Enth Degree branding 200gsm Quick Dry water repellent fibre in critical areas of the suit aids in the quick dry process and ensures you are putting on a ‘dry’ suit every time. Couple this with the highest stretch neoprene available, GBS seams and compressed edge wrist and leg seals to reduce water entry, and the Kenetic will not let you down wherever you choose to take it.
  • 4/3mm High stretch neoprene
  • Glued & Blind Stitched (GBS) seams
  • Internal seam tape in critical stress areas
  • Custom 200gsm Q-Dry lining technology
  • Chest located key lock system for supreme comfort and usability
  • Zipperless entry design
  • Compressed edge wrist and leg seals
  • Water drainage design at front and rear
  • Smooth skin neck seal

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